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Hi, I’m Pooja – an industry leader in Search Engine Optimization for 8 years that’s been generating online profit via search engine marketing since 2008. If you answered “YES” to the above then I am confident that I can make a real difference to your website success.

Want to know more about me, my online services and how I help websites just like yours dominate Google, Bing etc then please take a few moments to look around my site. You can also contact me right now to arrange your free, no obligation consultation at sales@poojarai.com or call me at +1 646-736-1319

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Why SEO Consultant

This is the time of internet. Almost every possible chore is being done on the internet. Today’s generation is more glued to the internet then they are to their textbooks. In such a scenario, it is no surprise then businesses too are being carried out rampantly on the internet. We have websites available for almost every possible product or service we can ask for. And these websites are always in a competitive mode to attract visitors. In a bid to be the preferred websites of users, websites and website owners are looking for seo consultant and seo specialist who can give their website a new look that can appeal to visitors.

Why SEO Consultant Pooja

One such trusted name in the seo business is Pooja Rai. Pooja is in the business of seo since more than seven years now and has a number of successful seo campaigns behind her name. In fact, Pooja has often been named as one of the best seo consultant or seo specialist one can avail of. Pooja specializes in building websites that are customized to attract the right traffic to a website and convert this traffic too. More than a hundred users visit each websites every day but only few go on to have business with the website. Pooja Rai specializes in presenting a website in a manner that can make these visitors end up having business with the websites.

As a seo consultant, Pooja spends a lot of time in understanding the needs and requirements of her clients as well as the general mindset of the targeted audience and then accordingly develops her seo service strategy. Pooja makes her services customized for each of her client and hence, the rave reviews for her work as a seo specialist.

A good and quality seo service can provide a website with a complete makeover and hence the need to hire a seo specialist who can excel in the task. One such name is Pooja Rai. Pooja promises her clients with assured results of figuring among the top names in searches made on search engines and hence the long list of clients queuing up for her service.

With a huge experience as her backing, you have a seo specialist in Pooja who listens patiently to the clients and works out reasonable as well as achievable goals with them. And all this at prices that are extremely reasonable and competitive when compared in the market.

Some of the pointers which make Pooja a sought after seo consultant are :

  • · Extremely friendly and customer centric services
  • · Willing to solve any query possessed by the client
  • · Use of latest technologies in order to deliver best seo services in the market
  • · Round the clock service
  • · Assured results in form of top ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc

Hence, all those who are in the lookout for a seo consultant who can make their website stand out, Pooja Rai is the answer.

finance seo
Finance SEO
Finding a SEO Freelancer that could provide profitable internet marketing services is indeed difficult if not impossible. The task becomes even stiffer if you are on a searching spree for a Finance SEO freelancer that could assist you in promoting your finance website online.
real_estate_seoAmidst highly competitive environment in the field of real estate, it is indeed the toughest who survives. But as they say, success is not an overnight affair; albeit you need to work on it. The real estate SEO is meant to fulfill somewhat similar cause, enabling you to gain convincingly in your property business.

matt cutts
image optimization
You have certainly thought much to your website to make user friendly as possible as you can. You write the high quality contents and blogs and with the support of relevant images in context to your information that lies on your WebPages.
In terms of SEO you always consider that the content that lies on your website how instantly fetch by Google tool.
Google Webmaster Tools applying the various fundamental functions in order to help you to keep your website running like a well-oiled engine of vehicles. There are mainly two tools in SEO uses on a regular basis first is Crawl Errors report and the second is Sitemap submission tool and finds to be extremely beneficial.
matt beta
If you got a believe on recent updates form Matt Cutts, he directly stated Don't Use Article Directories for Link Building.
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the Facebook stated on recent earnings report, as soon as possible they are in vision to launch the Facebook’s Graph Search for mobile devices. I am quite confident that this will get to be a huge impact upon mobile users and also gain for Facebook in order to compete Google as well.