It seems quite surprising sometime, site with well in SERPs for long time but in one night of darkness fall in dark in Google SERPs. Why Google keep changing fundamentally even site search result is well. Keep making changes a lot merely make their result worse.

Sure you can’t believe Google’s Search result is perfect. Even not possible for Google to be stable for a constant Algorithm either to frost and make the site owners to be relaxed by fixed ranking in SERPs. You can’t imagine such fortune from Google. Suddenly adverse effect on site fell in darkness of very poor rank even your site was stable for quite a long time but it happens only, Algorithmic changes made by Google. In a simple way you can’t think out this misfortune rolled over by “penalty “ over a night by Google, it difficult to digest, but it quite true, periodically many updates happens from Google side, i.e. Penguin, Panda, Webmaster tools, Hummingbird, these Algorithmic changes lie down site ranking drastically in SERPs.

In my opinion, you can’t be sure for above facts, but still you can prevent your site from better then drastically failure of site ranking in SERPs. You might have been observed this misfortune doesn’t make affect for all “keyword “so it indicates that, for few “keyword” site ranking remain unchanged, if changes no drastically only for few down fall in their position. To prevent site from such unfortunate, keep optimization your site in such a way that could be avoidable by Googlebot, follow the parameters set by Google Algorithms.



Having a single Domain in different Language, could be a challenging optimization. You might be targeting the site to optimize for significant keyword in different nation, search engine to rank well like,Google.cn, Google.com, Google.ru, Google.za etc. This is very important in terms of SEO cause you need to change content strategy quite often so the visitors will be able to know the information illustrated there on site. This is important too in prospective of Search Engine, which consider the content of the site for index in SERPs, if Search Engine finds difficulty to understand the language, consequences can’t be good for site anyhow or might affect as spam.

How to manage multilingual version site?

You can manage your multilingual Domain by applying the below parameters.

Make sure the content is accessible.

If language is changing via cookie, Google spider will only consider the default language. Because automatically translated content (language) sometime make other sense or irrelevant, considerable as spam.

You can use“robot.txt” to avoid Search Engine from crawling the automated translated content from the page, “robot.txt file” restricts access of site. This means that particular page can’t be crawl or indexed, although URL will be publicly available.

For example:-


User-agent: *

Allow: /*? $

Disallow: /*?


User-Agent: Googlebot

To remove image gallery from Google

Disallow: /images/gallery.html

To block a directory

Disallow: /file/directory.html

Engine to avoid searching the content of the particular page of site that you don’t want.

Language version should be easily reckonable.

Always use the different URLs for different language. Avoid cookies to generate automated translated content and language.

Carefully use the URLs.

Carefully make choice of your Domain for subdomain or subdirectory to be easily visible and compatible to understand for Search Engine. You can use UTF-8 encoding in URL to avoid such mistakes.

Use specific content/language to a specific Nation.

You can use the following factors for such particular terms.

1. ccTLDs (country-code top-level domain names).

2. Geotargeting settings.

3. Server location (through the IP address of the server).

Sometimes you might have the problem like server outage or failure, when site is on updating for some changes or maintenance cause. This consequences may lie down site ranking for important keyword even before traffic of that particular site very good enough, if server goes down for more than four or five hours.


Major reasons for Server Outage?

You have a system working properly in terms of Network, power connection and running OS of your server. But sometime anyhow the server not running properly, poorly written program of database server, or not configured in a proper way, it may process the query for waiting long or slowly. Sometime storage failure also indicates for same reason.

1. Network Problems

2. System Overload

3. Configuration Errors

4. Hardware Failure

5. Backups

6. Poorly Programmed Database Server


However you need not to be anxious, site will recover the same position in within two or three weeks if server running in proper way now after failure. Google considers always, why a site with high- traffic goes offline, May it happens for maintenance of relevant issue Google takes effective steps soon to restore site position back on SERPs.



If you are working with more than one domain on same server even resolving same IP, i.e. there are two site abc.com and abcx.com in other way it’s also possible to be seen abc.com/abcx. Most of people use this tactics because of it’s a bit inexpensive.

Although, Google doesn’t index same for both. It’s not surprising at all?

Recently observed, ranking of these sites differ from each other. The first site with lots of activity and optimization helped well rank in Google search engine, while other site not well in search index. This consequence shows clearly that domains having the same server might not affect site ranking of each other.

Why Google treat both at two different place?

The major reason appearing both in two different places, because of some short of "cPanel's" standard for "addon domains" is to put the host directory in the public_html directory the "main site" is provided from rather than developing site-specific internet directories "on the same level" as public_html.





You have been observed that, sometime Metadata from your site removed from Google SERPs.? It doesn’t mean your site has been penalized exactly. Even your site is Indexed in search engine and not much effect traffic on the web. Sometimes it happens, Google allow viewing Metadata associated with site in SERPs in a certain ratio of pages reviews and total number pages added recently to your site.

There could be the main reason of rich snippets viewing in Google SERPs of being disappearing the Metadata associated with the site. Means the snippets (is a program) generated content on your can be penalized by the Google SERPs. This could be the factor of disappearing the Metadata of site.

In terms of removing or disappearing the Metadata from site but not affected traffic that indicates its important too what attract most visitors towards your site.

However Search Engine loves original and Metadata content on your site. Rich snippets content could be a factor of harm for site rank.


canonical issue



Canonical URLs is very significant factor in terms of SEO, each website need to have canonical URL attributes for search engine prospective. If this attribute are not available then you might be facing the problem of duplicate content i.e. www. and without www. Domain name considerable different domain name search engine.


You know, now days Google penalizes the websites if your website are having “duplicate content”, you have been observed sometimes you have two URLs that refers same page i.e.http://abc.com/coursesl.html and http://abc.com/mba/coursesl.html actually might refer the same product page. But in technical terms these URLs are different. On the other hand Google thinks there are two pages having duplicate content. That’s why canonical URLs are being used to prevent from such issue. If you use Canonical URLs, Google must index the site even of the one used to access the page.




You need to be inserted at the top index.asp or default to asp file to get non WWW version redirected to www version of home page or index page: -









google and bing

Can you believe a site ranking can be varied in different Search Engine? It has been observed that a site ranking can be differing in different search engine. An old domain more than seven years, ranks dropping gradually regarding all keyword. At the same time while we have made a lot of changes and improvements periodically those particular site consequences rank truly well in Bing.

There arise a thought in my mind, is Google not as good as Bing? Because it’s easier for our prospective to rank well in Bing.

The matter is different Search Engine follow not same algorithm. Exactly the same way Google and Bing might be using different Algorithm.

While according to the new SERPs updates this not more important how old are the domains. The major facts are that what kinds of backlink you follow for your site. Creating a large number of backlink doesn’t make sure your site ranking in SERPs know. Quality backlinking might help your site ranking well Google search engine too for all relevant keywords.

The terms SERP stands for search engine results page. Commonly it has been viewed major search engine display three kinds of sites listing on their SERPs.

google crawler

Search engines are the key to observing  particular details on the World Wide Web. Without contemporary search engines, it would be difficult to find anything on the Web without knowing a particular URL. But search engine make it possible. You just put the desired keyword into search engine you get the relevance information. Is it not easy but are you aware of that what makes some search engine more effective than others?

When you use the term online search in regards to the Web, they actually makes reference to that searches through data source of HTML documents, initially gathered by robot.

  1. Search Engine’s Listings Indexed made by spider.
  2. Listings Indexed into directory by human.
  3. Paid Listings Indexed into search engine.

Basically the crawler based search engines use programmed software (CRAWLERS) that use to visit the website, read the contents, Meta tags, and the links that a particular site follows. The crawlers return all the information to a central database, where the data is to be indexed. It periodically/simultaneously checks the information has been changed in a particular site.

Human made search engine trust on user to submission information that is basically indexed and standardized content is submitted put into the index.

In all cases your prospective search engine to search information, means you’re searching over the index created by search engine – not actually mean searching the web. This evidence is huge database of information that is gathered and stored and consequently searched. This describes the search engine like Google, Yahoo, return the result based on index.

Why the same search on different search engine returns different outcomes?



One of the elements that a online look for search criteria location of keywords on a Web page. Those with you are typically considered more relevant. But online look for search technology is becoming artificial in its attempt to prevent what is known as keyword engluting, or spamming.

Another common factor that search engine analyze that a particular page link to other page on the Web. The search engine matters keyword linked pages are similar to the keyword relevant on original page. This is very important and relevance for Ranking of a site.

Whenever we think about SEO the main intention looking forward how the site can rank well in Search Engine as soon as possible. This is very important for SEO terms. Search Engine (Google) has its own parameters and algorithms like Penguin, Google Panda, Hummingbird, Google Webmaster Tools etc. to Rank well a site. This technique consists various terminologies and activities.

Guidelines for Instant Ranking:-


High Quality Content and Tags:-

In case to increase your page rank you must have an exclusive and rich content as well as considerable that can impact well on visitors. Your web page Meta data must have informative and keywords relevant. Title should not be longer than 70 characters.

Avoid Spam and Penalties:-


There are three most reasonable factors that applied penalties you need to avoid penalties

1. Panda Content Penalty

2. Penguin Webmaster Penalty

3. Unnatural Links Penalty

Blog Commenting on other blog posts:-

You should commenting on other relevant Blogs as much as possible creating HTML Link of your site using suitable word or phrase, there is a condition applied you can have “do follow links” try to avoid “no follow links” it causes spam.

Importance of On Page Seo:-

On-page plays a vital role to optimizing your website, you can apply html tag (<H1>, <H2>, <H3>, <H4>, <H5>, <H6>) Tile tag (<title>…</title>) in image section use Alt tag with your keyword (alt=<keyword>). But excessive use of on page can be penalized your site so use this according to need.

Blog Posts:-

Blog post is very essential? Your blog content must high quality and informative to the relevant keyword and Title as well. It consequences you might be getting comment from other bloggers and guest user can share your content among their friends or social media site.

Avoid Use Illegal Tactics:-

1. Keyword Stuffing

Sometimes you mistake by repetition of keyword it causes optimal use of keyword that is not. Required it must avoid.  At the same time place your targeted keyword that is invisible to users but Visible to Search Engines.

2. Doorway Pages

 It refers to the page that is created to rank well merely in search engine. The user might be Unreachable to that page, this unethical terminology must avoid.

3. Link farming

Quite often creating backlink for your site always avoids spamy link building. Sometime this technique rank well, it’s a stake your site. But further it causes harm.

Keep Updating Your Website:-

improve your seo

The most important keep updating your website. Search Engines like lots of updated and modified content. Websites that regularly add new, original material are seen by Google as more important, and more relevant to web customers. That indicates, if you keep your web page up to date, your site will defiantly achieve better rankings in the Google. You must include suitable word and phrases that user likely to be found if it happens means number of visitors to your site.

Advertising the Website:-

It also worth for Advertising and Branding the website on Social Media Websites but you has to pay for that. An example of a third-party company is Search engines, through its AdSense program. Whether or not you use Search engines AdS ense, third-party marketing vendors have the capability to track visitors depending on their IP address.

Social Media Profile:-


It seems quite often an expert says on the subject of effective SEO, or on the contrary why a site might have SEO problems, the concept always seems to involve the importance of Social Media Profile. Social Media Profile provides you the platform where you can share Blogs, Events, Video and much activity. It lays more likes consequences increase the number of visitors.

Now days our site is penalized. This involves many reasons for that, we are aware for some even do the same mistakes. If your sites are associated with wordpress theme footer links that trace back to a site offering free word press themes. We never realized this, but Google is supporting the uprising of the negative SEO industry. Applying negative SEO strategies can help in quick success; but, site’s reputation will definitely come at stake.

negative seo02

  • Several sites having the similar issues. But the issue that I am having with concern to the problem stated is that How come one site has WP theme links, I mean you must have one theme and so the link could be from that.
  • Negative SEO is the exercise of approaching other sites using methods that consequences in known SEO charges. For an example, if you are using negative SEO might immediate effective for same low-quality back-links to competitor's backlinks. On the contrary you should try to link with high quality backlink for further.
  • The best way to generate the traffic for your website and keep things in your way always use unique as well as relevant content. If content gain popularity by the users definitely they would be sharing your content among their friends and colleagues, these things can drive traffic to your site.
  • According to Google’s Webmaster Tools Help, “Any links intended to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google’s search results may be considered part of a link scheme. You should always create your site backlink with other quality websites.

positive seo01


Accordingly new Google Updates it’s not only rank your websites in Google Authorship too if you are associated.

Recently, AJ Kohn, a noted commentator on Google Authorship, published this  a thoughtful update on the status of Google Authorship and what he conjectures to be an evolution to a different method of assigning Authorship.He observes while Authorship is a hot topic, Google Authorship markup has not been getting wide enough adoption to be used as a ranking factor. The principle engineers of the Google Authorship  Project have moved on to other assignments, and Google is developing other means for identifying authors.

At the same time Aristotle says:-

“An article's search ranking should be based on its intrinsic value, not by who wrote it.”

It would be interesting to see if Authorship rank differs then it must affect the website rank too. However Google has its own strategy as well as policy to implement and rank the Authorship and it is considerable for good content to have your blogs or articles. Along with as an author it is exciting news “How you able to involve in Search Engine”.

It seems quite often an expert says on the subject of effective SEO, or on the contrary why a site might have SEO problems, the concept always seems to involve the importance of Social Media Profile.

According to Ausstr "While social media chatter is a natural extension for many categories of sites, it (IMO) makes no sense at all with many other categories, particularly sites which are very content intensive and encyclopedic... even if they do have an ecommerce segment. Their purpose is to deliver information and not provide a platform for social interaction. Despite that distinction, is the current reality that sites of any type need a social media profile to have a realistic chance at decent rankings?


I agree with the explanation given by Ausstr and appreciate the points made about using social media to create a new traffic source, new opportunities.

Some Important Facts about Social Media Profile:

  •       Strategy is not always about immediate benefits like ranking.
  •       If you invest sensibly in social profiling it won't go wasted IMO.
  •       Social is going where your target demographic is. Wherever that is.

Reading out through this thread well conclude that Social Media Profile of course provides to generate the traffic for your website, even Google has its own strategy and other Algorithmic development for that.