Matt Cutts Says Bad Grammar in Comments Is Not a Part Negative Google Ranking Factor

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matt cutts
Sometimes you think, writing quality content for your Websites is always gives you the perfection in order to making ensure that your content is having more readability, is somewhat grammatically correct, and provides users what they are looking for on search engine results page of the display the relevant information.
On the contrary if you believe on what Matt Cutts says; if the users comment to your Website or WordPress blog, and their comments are not essential in order to be grammatically correct?
He said this in his latest published video in regards to help the Webmasters.

In general you can say, if your website is having the content Grammatically correct its good but it doesn’t force us to marked as negative Google Ranking Factor, for those comments if Grammatically incorrect. At the same time you can see so many nonsense comments on YouTube that doesn’t make a sense that YouTube will not rank.
He also added that you just need to consider your content that lay on your WebPages need to be grammatically correct rather than not to be anxious if someone make comments on your Website and those are bad Grammar. So you just make ensure your content must be high quality and grammatically perfect.