How to remove unwanted Blog Pages from Google?

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Most of the Internet users know that if once you published on the Internet, it would be published forever but, we can banish those thoughts. Actually the fact is that in many cases possibly you can be able to abolish the content from the Internet. You won’t be able to find that specific pages information from Google search you will see the web page exist no longer. On the contrary, even you can find that information, if you search those particular records there in Wayback Machine. There your page’s information remains the undeleted for many years even your site expired.

If you are getting difficult task to completely remove that content, actually this is quite easy to remove the existence of that particular page from Search Engines and the same time WayBack Machine too.

Flowing is the major relevant factors help you for the same.

Delete that particular page.

Remove the page from Google search.

Remove a specific page using with Meta Tags.

If you are having a specific page that you want to remove form Google SERPs, you just need to add “robots” Meta Tag into that particular page; it helps you, to de-index that page from search page. Or you can use the following codes on the entire page.


sample codes for robots