Google Warns To Affiliates - No Added Value, Its Subject To Violate Our Webmaster Guidelines.

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On 28th January 2014, Google published a blog post on their Webmaster Central Blog in order to affiliates that if their sites will not add any value, then they may be penalized.
If your Website association content that’s attainable somewhere, there a decent question to raise that, if this Website is informative and additional content that may lay a huge impact on users in order to go to this site in the relevant search results against its initial content. Even the solution doesn’t come true these consequences can make discourage searchers and violate the quality tips.
Matt Cutts tweet that this is often seen lot of among the adult Industry. Matt Cutts added, good reminder in respect to their affiliates.
Google's Zineb Ait Bahajji published his views on Google+, if your Website associates the content from another Website and does not use any value in order to the users, Google may take action against it.
So it looks one thing goes to happen shortly to affiliate sites within the adult business. This is often Google's matter of breaking spirits during a slow and repetitive affection.