Pinterest Interests - New Tool Features Recommend Personalized,Pin.

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Pinterest has launched new tool and named it as Interests. Basically it is designed to make it easily for pinners to explore topics as they are having the most interesting for new pins on topics that they often like to pin.
The Interest topics board is quite different from its traditional Pinterest page. Few of the topics are there seem in larger boxes than others, based on their popularity for each user. Therefore if you would like to pin a particular topic on regular basis on your interest, you will find this one in one of the largest boxes whereas the smaller boxes are reserved for the field that you don’t pin quite often.
While you click through a particular topic boards to explore, there you find space for the modification. When you explore one of the areas that you suggested as your interest, than you need to go on the same images and you see that already has been pinned previously that particular board.
But you need to keep in your mind that this just a preview. You can see some interests there and rest assured that the modifications already work.
This new Pinterest Interests section is available on the top menu on any Pinterest page. But this time is its available for the Desktop users but it will be available for the mobile users too. You can have many personalization features in this year.