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Hi, My name is Pooja Rai, an experienced SEO freelancer.
I have had great success in the past providing SEO freelancing services for various businesses of all sizes, be it small, medium or big for over a 6 years now. You must be willing to know how have I been so successful in this dynamic SEO field.
Well, the answer is simple: “By keeping myself up to date with search engine algorithms, how they rank websites, effectively using the most effective SEO plans & strategies, keeping reasonable rates and off-course delivering top notch SEM consulting services.”
Website owners contact me to improve traffic to their website or when they are not sure why their website is not ranking well in search engines. They also contact me when a website is suddenly penalized by search engines and ranking drops.
SEO is my full time profession and I am currently contract projects as well. Please contact me to find our more details about my freelance SEO consultancy. There is no charge for the initial consultation about my services, fees and the SEO strategies/plans I will use for your website to rank it in top. I am available on Skype/email or on call 24X7.
Search engine presence is very important for all businesses nowadays. If your website is not present on search engines then you are loosing a lot of business and opportunities. I am an expert at ranking websites, and you will realize it quickly when you would work with me. If I can’t rank a website in TOP then nobody else can do.

How I am different than other SEO freelancers/consultants:

  • Healthy track record
  • Client references
  • 6+ years of smart experience
  • Updated with the Search engine algorithms
  • Customized and personal service
  • Top notch Freelance SEO consulting

How I am better than other SEO freelancers/consultants:

  • Custom SEO approach to each website rather than one SEO plan for all websites
  • No Spam activities for link building like Posting irrelevant comments, forum threads, directories etc
  • Custom SEO activities like analyze your competitors, their backlinks, SEO keywords, PPC efforts etc
  • Suggest website changes to maximize conversions and sales.

A Word about Freelance SEO

Freelance SEO is a great boon to have enormous achievements at affordable charges. A Freelancer is a person or a group of team who work freely without carrying franchise along with themselves it could be a team of several members or just one person. These companies and individuals can bring the businesses and their clientele closer. This is advantageous for both customers and businesses.
The freelance SEO specialists are highly trained to change the aspect of the website in such a way that it will be ranked higher by the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and etc. When the business achieves the higher rank, then the website automatically get more traffic. Higher traffic will allow it to befall more popular and this in turn will mean that more revenues can be generated online for the business.

Why Use Freelance SEO Experts?
Using Freelance SEO Experts will be considerably cheaper than using a company/agency.  Their technical acquaintance also guarantees a high level of quality, compared to 2nd world outsourcing. Freelance SEO specialists have a powerful network of freelancers to get various other jobs done from on-page optimization to off page optimization besides they also work in a white label capacity for marketing and work across all industries.
They help you enhancing the rankings and targeted, relevant traffic to your website, increasing conversions for you as well, giving you additional guides and sales for your advertising expend. Whether you require an innovative campaign or have an existing campaign, they have general, established freelancer SEO to assist you.

Benefits of Freelance SEO services

  • Superior visibility – you will surely grow a greater visibility of your web page or your website with the aid of our freelance SEO services. Once your website is optimized, it will have a greater visibility in search engines.
  • Unstoppable promotion – the best thing of our service is that we promote your business and company all day long. We work 24/7 of a day and 365 days year and sometime 366 days as well when leap year falls.
  • Affordability – With the assist freelance seo India you can obtain your webpage or website marketed profitably at a very cheap cost as it needs a smallest amount of funds.
  • Long-lasting positioning –your website achieves a long term positioning stability. Though, it requests to be designed and optimized appropriately to get long term positioning.

Why hire Pooja Rai for your SEO needs?
We are India's TOP freelance SEO with 6 years of smart experience. We have managed and worked with several kinds of website which inspire us to work with our clients more effectively and that are why our customers get what they want from us.
We achieved a lot of success in the past years we shape our own thoughts according to the work which is given us by our clients. We strongly consider that every single client is diverse and crucial therefore the technique or process we follow with regards to Search Engine Optimization is dissimilar. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now and start dominating on search engines….