Seo ConsultantAccordingly recent updates of Google’s Matt Cutts; when you look for a new domain name you need to consider there about it past history. Sometime these expired Domains can be beneficial for you simultaneously can bring nothing for you and hence your attempts loses.

He contrasts between a natural action of being expired a Domain and to be expired a Domain by an Algorithmic action.

He says, if any specific Domain has been expired long ago, you simply need not to anxious if it happens by a manual action, however you need to see the relevant information on Google Webmaster Tools and submit reconsideration application, if it has a manual action then it would not laying any adverse effect it.

On the contrary, when a Domain suffers with certain Algorithmic action may it have been made penalty. Same time Matt Cutts explains it has been rarely seen an old Domain being expired by such action but it’s possibly to be there penalty, in such case you need to be very careful and you checked it out on the Google Webmaster Tools.

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This seems annoying or irrelevant thread for the site owners actually; this is not perfect to think the submitting of an XML sitemap on Google will be Indexing confidently. I went through Google Webmaster Help; Google's Gary Illyes says in response to this thread, why a site that submits thousands of pages even though few pages among them indexed in Google.

According Gray form Google help desk,

Your Sitemap must not include the URLs; it can be difficult to find the URLs for the Google Spider, hence may be indexing slowly, but this way to submitting an XML file of your website is recommended.

At the same time you need to consider is that; some of Google Algorithms do not allow indexing certain URLs. If the information appears shallow, may not be indexed totally.

Hummingbird Affects and Matt Cutts Observations.

Matt Cutts said that the Hummingbird standard actually results 90% of all queries but at the same time he said this is only to a little outcome. So while Panda may have affected 10% or so and Penguin nearer to 3% or so, Hummingbird affected 90%. But Matt Cutts said only to a little level where customers should not observe.

Matt Cutts observations;

I know Search engines have informed us visitors and SEOs should not have observed any effect to positions and visitors depending on this criteria upgrade. But we alleged it may have affected some.

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My site had terrible links, from over 10 years. Back then our Webmaster thought in purchasing of links, because it worked, and more than 100,000 links are still considering by Google that dashed us on new algorithmic updates. Hence my site lost #rank 5 to # 120.I watched through the disavow process for all of those bad. Most of the links were on sites that are now malware, or obsolete. I think bad disavowing links consequences suffer rankings in SERPs.

Matt Cutts says “even if your site hasn’t been penalized, you can use Link Disavow Tool.”

When Google launched the disavow tool, there was lots of discussion. "If you are at all worried about someone trying to do negative SEO.

According to Matt Cuts,

”you need not to worry about disavowing bad links even if you don't have specific updates in your webmaster tools."

“If you have done an active review on your backlinks and you see something unique going there you need not to wait there move ahead”

Consider the below factors?

1. Remove the Bad as many links as possible.

2. Consider the ranking variation after being re-crawled the site.

3. Take a review drop in rankings after the links removed.

4. Even site ranking recover or not remove the disavow links.

We uploaded our more than thousands of disavow links. Manual penalty deny one week later. Even previous week, all of those backlinks still appeared in search. When I go for review in GWT, ALL of the links still appear. No any changes there. So, if you ultimately see beneficial ranking changes, it could take many months. We've even had to wait for Penguin refresh since my disavow list was first submitted.

Though; you can well conclude that Bad links can have always adverse effect for your site, because gradually it keep creating spam that’s why as possible as remove the Bad links or not to create Backlinks on those site.

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Sometime; a website having very good Ranking in SERPs and huge Traffic, lost WMT Links as well ranking horribly. Even Traffic is the same but Ranking went down and now PR is “0”, although you wonder how is it happened?
Actually; there can be Canonical Issue, (“WWW” or: “non-WWW”) this can lay such adverse effect on your site. Make sure there is not such report towards the WMT, and whether “301 Redirects” placed between (WWW and non-WWW) properly.
Such problems arise the problems of duplicate content on your website pages even these pages are different in Technical Terms. Therefore make sure your to update your URLs version if either WWW version or having non-WW version. If you able to analyze your site ranking are better with non-WWW than WWW then you need to place your report to WMT as non-WWW or simultaneously.
www vs non-www

502 gateway error

Quite often you would have been seen “502 Gateway Error” while you are accessing a particular website over the Internet.


1. 502 Server Error: The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

2. HTTP 502.

3. HTTP Error 502 - Bad Gateway.

This is all about belongs to Network Error between the servers over the Internet. Sometimes it appears on your site just because High load on server that can affect other accounts on that particular system. Even it can be cause of receiving a large number of traffic from Crawlers, in such case you can block the crawler using “robots.txt file” this can be able to reduce the traffic rates form your site. This is my personal experience; hence the site Ranking went down then before, so doesn’t use such tactics to reduce the traffic from your website. This can lie adverse effect on your site Ranking. Because Search Robot will not be able to consider your site.

How to fix the (502 Bad Gateway Error)

1. Keep loading URL using pressing F5 or by refreshing.

2. Keep clearing your browser’s cache.

3. Deleting your browser Cookies.

4. Start new browser connection.

5. Keep trying to access to your website in different browser, i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc.

6. You can configure NLB (Network Load Balancing) to remove the Network Error or even to reduce the load from Server.

7. You can contact your Internet Service Provider, if you’re Computer, Network, and Browser working properly.

8. Restart your Network Equipment's like, Modems, Switches, and Routers which can be helpful to remove such Errors.

But don’t use the Tactic like “robots.txt file” this can harm your site ranking in SERPs.


semantic searchine01

Semantic searching refers a techniques to improve the search accuracy in contextual miner and making sense of visitors intention as well, as they appear in the search engine Database source, whether on the Web or within a closed organization. Such procedures make use of other information existing in a semantic research program and take into account the definitions of other conditions existing in the phrase and in the rest of the text.


Attributes of Semantic Searching;

  • 1- Understanding the morphological variations
  • 2- Handling synonyms with correct senses
  • 3- Best practice to understand User’s Intention
  • 4- Handling concept matching
  • 5- Handling Internal Structured Data
  • 6- Use of natural language queries and questions
  • 7- How to point to uninterrupted paragraph and the most relevant sentence
  • 8- Implementation to Customize and Organic Progress
  • 9- Implementation to operate without relying on statistics, user behavior, and other artificial means
  • 10- Ability to detect its own performance


WordPress is an excellent tool that provides you a big platform for either publishing a websites or Blog posting. This specific tool used across the Globe by people, basically it uses CMS (content management system) S/W, where you can create a post, your pages and tags using fresh URLs, provide you to linking eternally and generate there valid code.

Although, almost all SEO tactics is placed it within the third-party WordPress concept developers as well as yourself, the website owner too.

But you need to aware some of the theme designer is not having best practices with SEO tactics, so you need to verify the improvements of search ranking.

I would like to share my personal experience regarding such mistakes in terms of SEO; hopefully the following factors can prevent you by doing such mistakes.

1. Catchy title tag and Abundant post Titles.

Everyone knows the title tags are very important and essential for better rank, so always consider of using effective title tags always. Each and every post you should include your website name in Title.

2. Avoid repetition of Relevant Keywords and Phrases.

Repetition of Relevant Keyword and Phrases consequences lie “Keyword stuffing” that isn’t good at all it can lay under spam your site.

3. Avoid No Follow link.

You should ignore no follow links as internal link this might not be appearing this particular page in search. You can use of no follow links for external link that is not directly related with your site. i.e.,,, etc.

4. No Improper Anchor Text for Internal Links.

You can use root keyword of the particular site’s page that you are linking for.

5. Add proper Image in Post.

Whenever you post an image in post, you must include Keyword in Alt attribute.

We've entered in a fortune time for upcoming that need to be involved in the Online Marketing platform. Almost more than fifty percent of the mass of the world now has been using the internet services; this refers the way how customers in International Digital Marketing Industry dominating the Content quickly emerging now days, however this would be very interesting to see how we fight against towards the upcoming and exciting obstacles and opportunities. This article consequently highlights on the trends that really needs for Content Marketers; and how majorly they make their appearance within either in a Company or Organization. We’ll see how this upcoming trends important and fundamentally achieve Goals within the Organization and where its resources can be allocated.


Trend 1. Competition to gain visitor’s attention.

Trend 2. Deciding the key factor to measure the Content’s success going to be more important.

Trend 3. Manipulation and Integration while increasing the interest of the Content.

Trend 4. Experimentation with Content in new Scale.


404 error 01

How do you manage the issue of having redirects and 404 on your site?

Either needs to redirect the 404 pages to their most recent version? Or leaving them can have adverse effect on the site ranking?

It predicates how large the website is. Large websites will always have some 404 mistakes. It doesn't make a sense to pursuit after every single 404 especially when it is due to a strange one-time misprint or one-time crawling mistake.

You should be very careful that your redirects do not become out of your reach. Having an extremely large number of redirects can cause problems.

Secure your redirects:

If you have

firstURL >> secondURL

and then later correct again to

secondURL >> thirdURL

go back and modify the previously redirects

firstURL >> thirdURL

Search engines prefer only to redirect to the most relevant pages. Not from the pages to the homepage, saying that it will result in a better way 404 mistakes. If the page that returns 404 and have a large number of links directing to it and doesn't have a relevant web page that you can divert it to?


without www

Can you believe, recently I got a result by observing a site indexed without “WWW” even that site “” is being redirected to the

What I believe is that the URL might be encoded in web page information are published as 'http: //' rather than 'http: //', and since now Search engines has been removed that particular Domain, by the parameters set by Webmaster Tools, it's difficult to set the best preference of the URL. Although Some Webpages are listed with "WWW" & some are listed "without WWW". Now I think that it's not a problem, but it can lie down site rankings.

But soon I got the solution; you need to add this kind of site to your WMT account, just click on the settings icon and select the option “site setting” there you will find the option how to set up your domain prefered.

Do you know, Article submission doesn’t provide you the perfection of strong link building always, for SEO tactic? I don’t say it’s worthless always, but it depends how you do? I have my own experience, there are some reason for that this is poor tactic for link building, and why you should publish you best article on your own site and not to against article site.

There are some factors you should care?

1. When you are submitting an Article to an article site and publish on social media sites, actually this link goes to article site not to your site.

2. The visitors who get your article that doesn’t mean to get your site they can go for the article site.

3. Automatically the traffic goes to the article site; the users can go for the site that you submitted not to click on your site.

4. Let know, your article is good enough and readers able to see your website, but not guaranty to have a visit on your site.

5. Moreover most of the article sites are not trusted by the Search Engine, so can have link back to your site.

So, keep doing such things take a lot of time but is light worthy, in a general terms these article sites create a little traffic for your site.

Although if you publish the Article directly to the Social Media sites and Press Release site is a better SEO Tactic then submitting the Article on article sites.

The proper way to submit your Article.

1. Always submit the informative articles to your own site in Blogs or Articles category.

2. Don’t submit the same article several sites a single submission can provide you rank better for your site. Don’t ever publish twice an article.

3. Always concerned that, it should look your own content and add a keyword for link.

4. Avoid the regular site, unless your get wasted of your time and having no result end of the day.

5. Select always the best article directory, and don’t put there more than two articles, moreover ignore these site in further, for the same category.

Writing an article is not a simple task, even you write your own even if it worthless, then why do the same mistake again so just keep publishing on your own site it is the best way to publishing your time and to have better position in search engine.


Are you worried, why your site rankings drastically got down over the night or disappeared from Google SERPs. Quite often we put a lot of efforts for optimizing the websites, to compete the Industry over the Internet. While we do such activity, forget the parameters or guidelines of Google, means sometime we try to manipulate these Guidelines lie under Google Algorithms and Webmaster’s rules that can have adverse effect on site rankings, its causes over optimization consequences suddenly site lost their rankings from SERPs.

How to Avoid Google Penalty?

Following Factors can help you to avoid Google Penalty:

1. Re – Arrange the site structure.

Basic Structure of a Web page:

The Doctype:
Doctype of a Webpage refer HTML, XML. XHTML, the Google’s spider love the Web page having HTML codes.

HTML codes sample:




2. Avoid snippets content.

According to Matt Cutts:

Google just dislike the content posted, written through snippets, this kind of activities lie under spam your site, so before posting Articles or Blog make sure your content isn’t going for spam.

3. Consider about Audience.

Always keep your content informative to the visitors that simply understand what they are looking for, on the site.

4. Spotting low-quality backlinks.

Avoid low/bad quality backlink, there are a number of low quality backlink, i.e. the sites are having no follow link.

5. On-Page Optimization.

In the section On-page optimization, you know what exactly to do, but I would like to include don’t prompt excessive On-page optimization.

6. Avoid rich keyword in anchor text.

Matt Cutts says, people use, rich anchor text while manage the sites for backlinking to other sites, just use your simple comments with name don’t put there too much keyword as anchor text, Google knows your name referring to your site.

7. Social Sharing (Social Media Profile).

Social sharing refer, social media profile like (Facebook,, etc.) that always help you to share your blogs, articles and contents videos , helps in such a way to create backlink also and visible to your site.

8. Comments Posts.

While you are commenting to the other site just make sure, that is relevant to your Business.

9. Follow Google’s algorithm’s Guidelines.

As you know, Google rank is unstable so you need to very careful regarding its algorithm. As Google keep updating its Algorithm, like Penguin Update, Panda Update, Hummingbird Update and Webmaster tools, whenever Google make changes your site got penalized, recently in the month of September a number of got down their rank in SERPs drastically over the night, so you always prefer the way to optimize to you’re the parameters and the guidelines set by the Google, and keep optimizing your site and keep reviewing the upcoming updates from Google.

10. Remove  Canonical Issue.

Remove the Canonical Issue if having your site, this refer to understanding the duplicate content even your site are having different pages because of Canonicalization, (url having www. or without www) technically these are different pages even your site can be suffered.

As usual when you manage content site by making comments, there’s you need to consider, quite often people comments with their company name or rich keyword anchor text. Google’s Matt Cutts doesn’t like this kind of activity anyhow. As he said, it’s enough while making name hyperlinks that are associated with your site. Otherwise using rich keyword to create hyperlinks it could be reason for spam.

In Matt Cutts word, the people who does this kind of mistake they are either spamming or don’t know about SEO, because these links don’t listed anyway. These comments can put your site rank down in SERPs.

Webmaster just leaves two types of comments:

1. Using keyword rich anchor text or your company name, as opposed to your real personal name when commenting.

2. Using commenting as your primary link building strategy.

Rich Keyword Name Comments Can be Spam: Matt Cutts

In terms of SEO, while you are creating backlink for your site it would be better, to manage your comment naturally with your name to avoid spamming, that indirectly refer to your site rather than using name associated with keyword of your company or organization. Google always consider the natural backlinks.

matt cutts01

According to new Google’s Matt Cutts update, Google spider don’t like “stitching content” it’s a matter to think, and not acceptable anyhow, otherwise can be adverse effect on site position in SERPs. Stitching Content refer in sort of “snippets”, now days large number of Internet user/site owner writing articles, blogs over the web using the same text through snippets(stands for a program, that is use to rewrite the same source page text), while you are writing an article or blog by explaining and summarizing a specific subject.

Both are quite different things, first describing a topic in detail in your way, on the contrary copying and pasting a text from a source page it’s not good at any cost. Because sometime “snippets” change the sense of meaning of the text for search engine and Google count this type of written content or summary as duplicate or spam that can be Doom for the particular site.

Matt Cutts says “Wikipedia as a good example”

I really appreciate this quote of Matt Cutts, if you are targeting specific matter, must be explained in such a way that people must like and share among their friends or collogue. Google spider like original content, so while you are optimizing your site by posting an Article or Blog don’t make such mistake of simply copying and pasting the text, while you are adding your site’s URLs over the Internet. It also help to lie a number of visitors on your site, just because your site is quite informative which they like to have in search. That implies better site ranking in SERPs.

Do you think, writing the company name in different ways can affect site ranking? Now day’s people are using different name for their brand name, on Internet using Widget. For an example there is a company XYZ but on the Internet registered as “XYZ Corporation”, this can affect the site in such a way users might be searching your site, they can mistyped where as the actual name is else.

However the company name appears on webpage doesn’t matter if referring the “XYZ widget” means your brand name that is perfect. This lies a consequences if someone enter in wrong name, this means you need not change the name. Just make sure your profile on Google+ must have correct relevant information and content. Because everyone won’t make such mistake quite often? Moreover you can avoid this factor, by using the same information on different search engine whether on Google+, Yahoo, Bing, for all local business directories. In this way it won’t affect the site ranking. There is considerable too you don’t even try to change Meta tag, unless it can harm the site ranking in SERPs.




In terms of computer, widget is a component of GUI (graphic user interface), that displays the information in a specific way to interact the user to “Operating System” including its application. Widgets include many attributes like ,symbols, pull-down choices, control buttons, selection containers, progress signs, on-off checkmarks, search cafes, windows, toggle control buttons, forms, and many other devices for showing information and for, recognizing, and addressing user actions and also provides the user to customize these things their own way.

Is it time to put the no index for the site? Website owners have offered the content that these  organizations are trying to all for their own advantage. Without our content, they have nothing but a web page of ads.

The Internet is an interconnected chain of system. Listing the web is now HUGE Company and everyone engaged, from single-site website. Everyone wants to be on top in major Search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It used to be that the Online shifting from one position to another position. Now, developing natural connection between relevant information to the organizations that undertaking the authority how individuals should survive factors on the Web. The outcome is that these big-organizations are dictating the conditions of success on the Internet when the only end activity is truly their own success.

Now days everyone, want to have top position, and keep trying their best to get indexed in Google search engine, to build their online Reputation in Market. However it’s not easyone task, de-indexing is not a perfect solution. You have to be patience. Keep trying to provide good content in your site Google must index the site, but merely you should be very careful for the parameters set by Google.