How to remove 302s Error Message from URLs?

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302 - Redirect or Found refer to the type of redirect signals that the resource is temporarily located in a different location, but any further attempts to access the resource should still go to the same original location.

example of redirects

Getting an Error Message 302s from Google. When you click on the particular page of 302 you get an appearance that displays a popup window there, rather than its not allowed under crawling process errors for those are not followed even it referring the same a bunch of 302s, at the same time Google couldn’t follow your website’s URL it redirects so many times. It indicates that the link to the sitemaps and a linked to a page too. You will be wondering for few reason it display a 302 error, even those links are actually 301s.

Most of time you think is it DNS related issue but it’s not because doesn’t belong to HTTP. Whereas 302s Errors directly concerned with HTTP.

If your Redirects are related with IIS, then you can do the following preferences.

What you should do?

1. Know your Web site. Run Site Analysis against your Web site.

2. Try to minimize redirections.

3. Use the right redirect.

4. Use URL Rewrite to easily configure them.

You need not to be anxious, to remove such errors from your URLs; you can configure live HTTP header extension into your Firefox browser and then check these redirects. Rather than wasting the time in GWT, because you find those link good in Webmaster tools page, on the other hand those particular link produced by the source , if you click there you will notice that are difference from its actual page.