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If you got a believe on recent updates form Matt Cutts, he directly stated Don't Use Article Directories for Link Building.
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the Facebook stated on recent earnings report, as soon as possible they are in vision to launch the Facebook’s Graph Search for mobile devices. I am quite confident that this will get to be a huge impact upon mobile users and also gain for Facebook in order to compete Google as well.
Pinterest has launched new tool and named it as Interests. Basically it is designed to make it easily for pinners to explore topics as they are having the most interesting for new pins on topics that they often like to pin.
On 28th January 2014, Google published a blog post on their Webmaster Central Blog in order to affiliates that if their sites will not add any value, then they may be penalized.

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Google announced that it will implementing new crawl error reports in Webmaster Tools to help webmasters identify crawl errors that field is being displayed for redirected URLs.
There has been sufficient confusion from webmasters over what specifically the crawl errors meant for redirected URLs and the process they were being displayed internally Webmaster Tools. The confusion ensue as a result of once a webmaster was redirected from web site X to web site Y, if there was a drag on Website Y’s site with allusion to the direct, it will display a crawl error that it actually belonged from Website X, once what it acutely meant was that there was a misconception redirecting from web site X to web site Y.
Because direct crawl errors weren't awfully crispy, webmasters were concerned to work out what actual error was, and wherever internally the direct it actually was occurring. Particularly for those Webmasters, Was it a drag with the top direct page? Both?
This modification can make very easy for webmasters to identify the crawl errors, why actually happening.
Google further stresses that having crawl errors, like a 404, actually these are not a real error as a result of the page exists, it'll not negatively impact the remainder of the site’s rankings within the Google search results.



Google has recently updated an improvisation that would be providing searchers consideration slightly a bit of additional relevant data the source of a link within search results before they actually click through. This new feature likely to be helpful to the searchers to determine if a Website contains data or faithfully they're actually aspiring for before clicking through to the page.

Google made the changes for sites that they widely known as being a significant resource, on the other hand if there's enough information for the user or once they feel the content would be “catchy” for the individual searcher.
This likely to be difficult one task to know in what average sites are displaying this additional information, on the contrary most of the user shows a naturally high percentage of the website with this information being displayed. Google is looking forward to getting the additional information to expand this program along with the data Graph.
This modification is done basically for assumption to bring the observation and reactions from the SEO community, considering web site.

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Matt Cutts, the Google’s head of search spam said today answering in order to the question, “Are Facebook and Twitter signals part of the ranking algorithm?” He makes it clear and answering no. He also added that Google doesn’t provide any specific care to Facebook or Twitter pages. According to him both are treated as same as other page in Google’s eyes.

Matt then answered if Google does special crawling or indexing for these sites, such as indexing the number of likes or tweets a specific page has. Matt said Google does not do that right now. Why?

Matt also said, if you think Google has specific crawling or indexing process for those sites having a number of like on their pages or tweets, while this is not correct, Google has not such specific process for this, right now. Why?

They are indicating that they were blocked. I guess Matt was indicating towards Google’s real time search deal expiring with Twitter. He also elaborated that they spent a lot of time there they were blocked and their efforts stand no longer beneficial for them.

Another fact is that, Google seems to be worried regards crawling parameters at some part and while that particular content changes but Google doesn’t consider update further more. Because outdated information can lay adverse effect for some users.


This is clear now that, Retailers reached at record investments in Google product listing ads (PLAs) as the report Covario, RKG and Ignition One highlighted the particular information. Today, Marin S/W published on its own searches which focus on the basic harmony upon the PLA achievements in previous holiday season would set the benchmark for 2014. Marin also considering the facts of Smartphones playing a vital role in PLA forecast in 2014.


If you consider towards the mobile users they employ Google Shopping as the best alternative for their purposes, we can hope these holiday CTR trends to be continue in 2014, Marin’s projects The State of Google Shopping report. PPC budgets to PLAs 40 % of all PLA clicks will come from Smartphones.

In quarter of 2013, regarding to text ad CPCs increased just 3.9 % every year, whereas CPCs for product listing ads reached out 44.3 % for the same. And an average of cost-per-click upon PLAs is growing too faster than it is for text ads.

On the other hand Click-through rates on those PLA ads also reached out 20.5 % every year. In contrast of CTR on text ads knock up just 4.6 %. During November and December, click-through rate approaches for PLAs were driven by Smartphones.


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There are so many bloggers who use WordPress not essentially in terms of how to design a particular page for Webmaster Tools validations, along with how to edit template directories to involve AdSense code, and how to modify few things that would be preferable to webmasters for granted.

To gain the benefits of WordPress Webmasters with two Google services AdSense and Webmaster Tools, Google published a new precise WordPress plug-in.

In terms of Google AdSense, the plug-in is developed to be its very simple for Webmasters to include the AdSense code into its WordPress blogs, without having a template improvisations skill; it’s like quite requirements of HTML or CSS skills, depending upon the template.

Your AdSense ID towards the Google Publisher Plug-in, you can choose your ad placing. You will have the appearance to the given alternatives where you likely to prefer the display of AdSense on your blog. It’s similar like to click on the applicable field where you prefer your AdSense ads to be display, and the plug-in will do the rest. Few others third-party AdSense plug-in launched quite ago, but mostly they were based on Widgeted fields there an ads appear, and Widgeted fields quite often appears in particular areas of the page that are not having more click-through its rate for ads.

On the other hand Google's plug-in; provides you the alternatives to select specific optimization reviews in regard to your AdSense ads, and hence it helps you to improve your AdSense ads worth for publishers. There consist so many options for an official Google plug-in. It’s likely to be good enough if Google can display for any website related issues are warnings there in the WordPress dashboard after logs in webmaster.

This is the first Google's WordPress plug-in. Webmasters certainly consider this plug-in and look after for any modifications further. If this plug-in able to proof to its popularity, it wouldn't be surprising to see Google to add more publisher regarding to the elements, or to view YouTube, Google Analytics, or Google+ features added in the upcoming days.

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Facebook has published a new element similar like Twitter has offered for quite some time. Now you can see a trending box would appear on the top right side of your Facebook news stream page. These trending topics will focus on the links of the popular stories on Facebook. At the same time when you will be able to see what actually the other people talking regards on those stories.

This new trending is designed basically get the relevant information for what people talking about interesting matters that are going around the world, along with to keep updated the Facebook users informed towards the news and other trending featured content too. It will provide to make it customized for each user so in order to viewing the certain things you are interested over the Facebook now.

Twitter has long ago got the gain of this Trending topics idea, therefore isn’t a shocking news for having such trending features on the Facebook Marketing its quite similar. Twitter is certainly long ago for the same activities in terms of breaking news, perhaps you might have observed that it makes appear the news quite often before you will able to see this news on CNN, Google news or even on the other similar press feed. But I wonder how Facebook going to make it possibly better than as long ago the people searches the breaking news and information on a specific place.

This new trending features are available just in few countries like U.S., Canada, UK, India and Australia, and likely to be launched in other countries within short.


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Sometime you might be think that; if you want to exclude a particular Domain from Google Search Result, if that particular Domain is predictably is being not helpful for you hopefully, there you need to consider that to must be excluded in such a way that not reduce your unless useful results. On the contrary Google keep eyes thoroughly your documents it has the ability to search the particular Domains or extenuations, but hoe to make it possible them is usually don’t appear there . However there are some parameters that possibly help you to reconstruct the former Domain Search into a limited criterion to prevent that specific Domain from being appearing in search results.

How to exclude a Domain?

Step 1: search for a keyword as you do in Google search.

Step 2: Use "site:[domain]" to make its limitations in order to search to only that domain. Make sure there to add a space between the keywords and the site category. Like to search for Windows 8 on the Linux site, use "Windows 8 site: ".

Step 3: Add a dash immediately there before the site category make change it to an exclusionary value. In the example, "Windows 8 -site: " searches all sites except the domain for Windows 8.

Step 4: Click the "Search" magnifying glass icon or press "Enter" to conduct the search.


When you think is SEO more effective than a linking tactics, although you think the first question; How SEO is different from linking?

However if you compare both them, you will observe that SEO is a more effective process rather than wasting your time in a linking tactics. In both cases you can’t escape from creating links for a particular website to rank well in SERPs. On the other hand Google disavow the unnatural links from a website. While SEO now becomes more preference in order to creating natural links through high quality content in other words you can say through content marketing trends, it refers for both quality and time as well. At the same time you need to consider that the links that is being created there, that must be relevant content in terms of the visitors that they are looking for on your site.

How SEO and linking are different?

If you think in your mind to getting Traffic from SEO techniques and through linking techniques, that doesn’t make a sense. When SEO techniques prefer to gain the traffic through the Keyword optimization and as well as On-page optimization that is likely to be improve in the basic structure of a Website, on the contrary linking merely prefer to create backlinks on the others websites over the Web.


There is a big question when you think to launch a website in default language either in your language or in English but you always concerned inn terms for the visitors on your website will able to know the information which lay on your Webpages. This arise a big question in terms of SEO, when you likely to want optimize your website in different Nation on the contrary your website language doesn’t meet to the particular Country.

But you know what? In such circumstances the significant fact is that your content must meet as user searches rather than you keep in your mind their ability to understand that. Google consider only the language searches by the visitors on your site. On the other hand this is very important in terms of SEO because more visitors mean more traffic which consequences helps you in Ranking matter in Google Search Result Page.

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Are you concerned with the penalty in terms of changing the domain’s name? I have had a well structured and old site with top ranking in Google search result page, along with more than thousands of visitors on daily basis and hence consequently god enough traffic too. But in contrast of Google made penalties for sites and I have changed my domain names in September 2013 form a keyword-domain to get more competitive name. I observed in GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) there was no such relevant information in comparison to the changes made over there because there were no any changes in structure and its design too; GWT was displaying the most of old backlinks still appears there even new domain overtook the ranking to the old domain but later two weeks the ranking dropped and more than after three months the visitors were merely 300 average on daily basis. I wonder; how did it happen.

But later, I analyze and got a conclusion it might be for the various factors like “removing the old keyword from the domain”. And might be the cause of shifting the inbound link anchor text in regards to the previous domain being manipulative. In such circumstances you also need to consider about 301 redirects in order to anchor text link upon the natural visibility of the domain. It can also be in regarding to that changing the name of the domain can have changed the titles and content on your site that you need to add to your site in order to new keyword content back there on your page. It may also by the Google reexamine your new domain names. If you concerned of the above mentioned facts; sure you can prevent your site from being for such incidents.

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The search giant Google serving the better services and experiences to their users. Google always concerned upon their user for what they are looking for in terms of search and improvised periodically over the time through getting the overview and the behavior regarding their search. Google also added different algorithms and tricks to help possibly through Google’s Search Engine.

But the biggest improvisation in Google Search came with the combination of semantic search features in the search product in other words that is known as Knowledge Graph. Now the Google users can have instant appearance on the right- hand side of the SERPs. This is an effective way to access the Google Search with the whole new technique that would be displaying for the suggested links at the bottom on the particular Knowledge Graph box. Now you get new avenues of information presented in a convenient way.

Below is an example search for ”Frank Lloyd Wright”

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302 - Redirect or Found refer to the type of redirect signals that the resource is temporarily located in a different location, but any further attempts to access the resource should still go to the same original location.

example of redirects

Getting an Error Message 302s from Google. When you click on the particular page of 302 you get an appearance that displays a popup window there, rather than its not allowed under crawling process errors for those are not followed even it referring the same a bunch of 302s, at the same time Google couldn’t follow your website’s URL it redirects so many times. It indicates that the link to the sitemaps and a linked to a page too. You will be wondering for few reason it display a 302 error, even those links are actually 301s.

Most of time you think is it DNS related issue but it’s not because doesn’t belong to HTTP. Whereas 302s Errors directly concerned with HTTP.

If your Redirects are related with IIS, then you can do the following preferences.

What you should do?

1. Know your Web site. Run Site Analysis against your Web site.

2. Try to minimize redirections.

3. Use the right redirect.

4. Use URL Rewrite to easily configure them.

You need not to be anxious, to remove such errors from your URLs; you can configure live HTTP header extension into your Firefox browser and then check these redirects. Rather than wasting the time in GWT, because you find those link good in Webmaster tools page, on the other hand those particular link produced by the source , if you click there you will notice that are difference from its actual page.

Google Keep Changes Twice in A Day - Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts said behalf on being the periodically changes in Google Search that you may have not been considered previously. Specifically he added that Google made 665 changes over there in Search Engine in terms of UI (User Interface) in 2012. So it indicates that there is likely to be two changes in a day. At the same time Matt Cutts agree with this and he admitted every day gone be couple changes – therefore something always up there in Google Search.

The other considerable thing he included was that he likely to concern with the portal appearance of Spam website removed from Google within in the real time. Therefore; you will be able to watch Spam when likely to be removed. Now Search Engine will allow you to Search your sites on Google manually penalized with better appearance and understanding for the users regarding to the sites that they are removing.

Google has just renovated GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) on Tuesday (7th Jan 2014) this time with more variation for search a specific abstract upon the relevant information.

Now you can be able to prepare metrics for your website with more flexibility, the primary changes in GWT in terms of Search Query that is no longer be rounded/bucketed. These changes will be visible soon in next few days. Now the search queries capable to provide you insight information with minimum a page relevant to your site that is visible in Search Results. This includes the consequences will display along with the times when visitors lay on your site – the “clicks “present these for previous 90 days.


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This would be considerable to see the result after the implementation how it makes easy from previous searches.

page not exist

If your site is having such problems like Google crawling the non-existence page, then make sure to control over this issue otherwise your site can affected in Google Search Result Page. Because Google considered this as duplicate content. You might use 301 redirects for all and canonical references even a number of URL’s are being crawled in GWT (Google Webmaster Tools).

As in my point of view your need to return a 404 to your server for any URLs which doesn’t exist. Certainly your site loses Ranking in SERPs periodically or loses of traffic rather than of returning a 404 it’s appropriate in such case. You will be getting WMT warning regards “soft 404”. But this way you can control over this issue and can prevent your site from being penalized or drop in Ranking in SERPs.

Most of the Internet users know that if once you published on the Internet, it would be published forever but, we can banish those thoughts. Actually the fact is that in many cases possibly you can be able to abolish the content from the Internet. You won’t be able to find that specific pages information from Google search you will see the web page exist no longer. On the contrary, even you can find that information, if you search those particular records there in Wayback Machine. There your page’s information remains the undeleted for many years even your site expired.

If you are getting difficult task to completely remove that content, actually this is quite easy to remove the existence of that particular page from Search Engines and the same time WayBack Machine too.

Flowing is the major relevant factors help you for the same.

Delete that particular page.

Remove the page from Google search.

Remove a specific page using with Meta Tags.

If you are having a specific page that you want to remove form Google SERPs, you just need to add “robots” Meta Tag into that particular page; it helps you, to de-index that page from search page. Or you can use the following codes on the entire page.


sample codes for robots