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Hi, I'm Pooja.

I am a B-Tech (Information Technology) as well as now a Google Adwords Certified Professional. Before becoming a full-time, professional SEM (Search Engine Marketer),
I earned my stripes in sales and marketing, so I know and understand how best to help you promote your business and improve sales.

My main motivational driving force is the belief that there is no point having a website if it doesn't rank in TOP. My dedication to giving clients great ROI has led to the constant development of new optimization techniques and the ability to see algorithmic changes before most other SEO Experts.

I have the reputation of being one of the best SEO's in the world, who has a proven track record of successes in the most competitive markets.

You'll see from my Portfolio how clients also value my SEO skills and business background.

Call me on +1 646-736-1319 or e-mail me at