It’s Time to Authorship Rank Too?

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Accordingly new Google Updates it’s not only rank your websites in Google Authorship too if you are associated.

Recently, AJ Kohn, a noted commentator on Google Authorship, published this  a thoughtful update on the status of Google Authorship and what he conjectures to be an evolution to a different method of assigning Authorship.He observes while Authorship is a hot topic, Google Authorship markup has not been getting wide enough adoption to be used as a ranking factor. The principle engineers of the Google Authorship  Project have moved on to other assignments, and Google is developing other means for identifying authors.

At the same time Aristotle says:-

“An article's search ranking should be based on its intrinsic value, not by who wrote it.”

It would be interesting to see if Authorship rank differs then it must affect the website rank too. However Google has its own strategy as well as policy to implement and rank the Authorship and it is considerable for good content to have your blogs or articles. Along with as an author it is exciting news “How you able to involve in Search Engine”.