Can two domains on same server affect their site rankings?

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If you are working with more than one domain on same server even resolving same IP, i.e. there are two site and in other way it’s also possible to be seen Most of people use this tactics because of it’s a bit inexpensive.

Although, Google doesn’t index same for both. It’s not surprising at all?

Recently observed, ranking of these sites differ from each other. The first site with lots of activity and optimization helped well rank in Google search engine, while other site not well in search index. This consequence shows clearly that domains having the same server might not affect site ranking of each other.

Why Google treat both at two different place?

The major reason appearing both in two different places, because of some short of "cPanel's" standard for "addon domains" is to put the host directory in the public_html directory the "main site" is provided from rather than developing site-specific internet directories "on the same level" as public_html.