Single Domain having different language – Optimization Challenge?

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Having a single Domain in different Language, could be a challenging optimization. You might be targeting the site to optimize for significant keyword in different nation, search engine to rank well like,,,, etc. This is very important in terms of SEO cause you need to change content strategy quite often so the visitors will be able to know the information illustrated there on site. This is important too in prospective of Search Engine, which consider the content of the site for index in SERPs, if Search Engine finds difficulty to understand the language, consequences can’t be good for site anyhow or might affect as spam.

How to manage multilingual version site?

You can manage your multilingual Domain by applying the below parameters.

Make sure the content is accessible.

If language is changing via cookie, Google spider will only consider the default language. Because automatically translated content (language) sometime make other sense or irrelevant, considerable as spam.

You can use“robot.txt” to avoid Search Engine from crawling the automated translated content from the page, “robot.txt file” restricts access of site. This means that particular page can’t be crawl or indexed, although URL will be publicly available.

For example:-


User-agent: *

Allow: /*? $

Disallow: /*?


User-Agent: Googlebot

To remove image gallery from Google

Disallow: /images/gallery.html

To block a directory

Disallow: /file/directory.html

Engine to avoid searching the content of the particular page of site that you don’t want.

Language version should be easily reckonable.

Always use the different URLs for different language. Avoid cookies to generate automated translated content and language.

Carefully use the URLs.

Carefully make choice of your Domain for subdomain or subdirectory to be easily visible and compatible to understand for Search Engine. You can use UTF-8 encoding in URL to avoid such mistakes.

Use specific content/language to a specific Nation.

You can use the following factors for such particular terms.

1. ccTLDs (country-code top-level domain names).

2. Geotargeting settings.

3. Server location (through the IP address of the server).