How Search Engine Works to find the query?

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The terms SERP stands for search engine results page. Commonly it has been viewed major search engine display three kinds of sites listing on their SERPs.

google crawler

Search engines are the key to observing  particular details on the World Wide Web. Without contemporary search engines, it would be difficult to find anything on the Web without knowing a particular URL. But search engine make it possible. You just put the desired keyword into search engine you get the relevance information. Is it not easy but are you aware of that what makes some search engine more effective than others?

When you use the term online search in regards to the Web, they actually makes reference to that searches through data source of HTML documents, initially gathered by robot.

  1. Search Engine’s Listings Indexed made by spider.
  2. Listings Indexed into directory by human.
  3. Paid Listings Indexed into search engine.

Basically the crawler based search engines use programmed software (CRAWLERS) that use to visit the website, read the contents, Meta tags, and the links that a particular site follows. The crawlers return all the information to a central database, where the data is to be indexed. It periodically/simultaneously checks the information has been changed in a particular site.

Human made search engine trust on user to submission information that is basically indexed and standardized content is submitted put into the index.

In all cases your prospective search engine to search information, means you’re searching over the index created by search engine – not actually mean searching the web. This evidence is huge database of information that is gathered and stored and consequently searched. This describes the search engine like Google, Yahoo, return the result based on index.

Why the same search on different search engine returns different outcomes?



One of the elements that a online look for search criteria location of keywords on a Web page. Those with you are typically considered more relevant. But online look for search technology is becoming artificial in its attempt to prevent what is known as keyword engluting, or spamming.

Another common factor that search engine analyze that a particular page link to other page on the Web. The search engine matters keyword linked pages are similar to the keyword relevant on original page. This is very important and relevance for Ranking of a site.