How Social Media Profile Essential For Ranking Well Google?

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It seems quite often an expert says on the subject of effective SEO, or on the contrary why a site might have SEO problems, the concept always seems to involve the importance of Social Media Profile.

According to Ausstr "While social media chatter is a natural extension for many categories of sites, it (IMO) makes no sense at all with many other categories, particularly sites which are very content intensive and encyclopedic... even if they do have an ecommerce segment. Their purpose is to deliver information and not provide a platform for social interaction. Despite that distinction, is the current reality that sites of any type need a social media profile to have a realistic chance at decent rankings?


I agree with the explanation given by Ausstr and appreciate the points made about using social media to create a new traffic source, new opportunities.

Some Important Facts about Social Media Profile:

  •       Strategy is not always about immediate benefits like ranking.
  •       If you invest sensibly in social profiling it won't go wasted IMO.
  •       Social is going where your target demographic is. Wherever that is.

Reading out through this thread well conclude that Social Media Profile of course provides to generate the traffic for your website, even Google has its own strategy and other Algorithmic development for that.