Server outage lies down Site Ranking?

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Sometimes you might have the problem like server outage or failure, when site is on updating for some changes or maintenance cause. This consequences may lie down site ranking for important keyword even before traffic of that particular site very good enough, if server goes down for more than four or five hours.


Major reasons for Server Outage?

You have a system working properly in terms of Network, power connection and running OS of your server. But sometime anyhow the server not running properly, poorly written program of database server, or not configured in a proper way, it may process the query for waiting long or slowly. Sometime storage failure also indicates for same reason.

1. Network Problems

2. System Overload

3. Configuration Errors

4. Hardware Failure

5. Backups

6. Poorly Programmed Database Server


However you need not to be anxious, site will recover the same position in within two or three weeks if server running in proper way now after failure. Google considers always, why a site with high- traffic goes offline, May it happens for maintenance of relevant issue Google takes effective steps soon to restore site position back on SERPs.