Can site ranking differ on Google and Bing?

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google and bing

Can you believe a site ranking can be varied in different Search Engine? It has been observed that a site ranking can be differing in different search engine. An old domain more than seven years, ranks dropping gradually regarding all keyword. At the same time while we have made a lot of changes and improvements periodically those particular site consequences rank truly well in Bing.

There arise a thought in my mind, is Google not as good as Bing? Because it’s easier for our prospective to rank well in Bing.

The matter is different Search Engine follow not same algorithm. Exactly the same way Google and Bing might be using different Algorithm.

While according to the new SERPs updates this not more important how old are the domains. The major facts are that what kinds of backlink you follow for your site. Creating a large number of backlink doesn’t make sure your site ranking in SERPs know. Quality backlinking might help your site ranking well Google search engine too for all relevant keywords.