Unstable Google search ranking?

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It seems quite surprising sometime, site with well in SERPs for long time but in one night of darkness fall in dark in Google SERPs. Why Google keep changing fundamentally even site search result is well. Keep making changes a lot merely make their result worse.

Sure you can’t believe Google’s Search result is perfect. Even not possible for Google to be stable for a constant Algorithm either to frost and make the site owners to be relaxed by fixed ranking in SERPs. You can’t imagine such fortune from Google. Suddenly adverse effect on site fell in darkness of very poor rank even your site was stable for quite a long time but it happens only, Algorithmic changes made by Google. In a simple way you can’t think out this misfortune rolled over by “penalty “ over a night by Google, it difficult to digest, but it quite true, periodically many updates happens from Google side, i.e. Penguin, Panda, Webmaster tools, Hummingbird, these Algorithmic changes lie down site ranking drastically in SERPs.

In my opinion, you can’t be sure for above facts, but still you can prevent your site from better then drastically failure of site ranking in SERPs. You might have been observed this misfortune doesn’t make affect for all “keyword “so it indicates that, for few “keyword” site ranking remain unchanged, if changes no drastically only for few down fall in their position. To prevent site from such unfortunate, keep optimization your site in such a way that could be avoidable by Googlebot, follow the parameters set by Google Algorithms.