How to Improve Your Site Ranking Instantly?

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Whenever we think about SEO the main intention looking forward how the site can rank well in Search Engine as soon as possible. This is very important for SEO terms. Search Engine (Google) has its own parameters and algorithms like Penguin, Google Panda, Hummingbird, Google Webmaster Tools etc. to Rank well a site. This technique consists various terminologies and activities.

Guidelines for Instant Ranking:-


High Quality Content and Tags:-

In case to increase your page rank you must have an exclusive and rich content as well as considerable that can impact well on visitors. Your web page Meta data must have informative and keywords relevant. Title should not be longer than 70 characters.

Avoid Spam and Penalties:-


There are three most reasonable factors that applied penalties you need to avoid penalties

1. Panda Content Penalty

2. Penguin Webmaster Penalty

3. Unnatural Links Penalty

Blog Commenting on other blog posts:-

You should commenting on other relevant Blogs as much as possible creating HTML Link of your site using suitable word or phrase, there is a condition applied you can have “do follow links” try to avoid “no follow links” it causes spam.

Importance of On Page Seo:-

On-page plays a vital role to optimizing your website, you can apply html tag (<H1>, <H2>, <H3>, <H4>, <H5>, <H6>) Tile tag (<title>…</title>) in image section use Alt tag with your keyword (alt=<keyword>). But excessive use of on page can be penalized your site so use this according to need.

Blog Posts:-

Blog post is very essential? Your blog content must high quality and informative to the relevant keyword and Title as well. It consequences you might be getting comment from other bloggers and guest user can share your content among their friends or social media site.

Avoid Use Illegal Tactics:-

1. Keyword Stuffing

Sometimes you mistake by repetition of keyword it causes optimal use of keyword that is not. Required it must avoid.  At the same time place your targeted keyword that is invisible to users but Visible to Search Engines.

2. Doorway Pages

 It refers to the page that is created to rank well merely in search engine. The user might be Unreachable to that page, this unethical terminology must avoid.

3. Link farming

Quite often creating backlink for your site always avoids spamy link building. Sometime this technique rank well, it’s a stake your site. But further it causes harm.

Keep Updating Your Website:-

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The most important keep updating your website. Search Engines like lots of updated and modified content. Websites that regularly add new, original material are seen by Google as more important, and more relevant to web customers. That indicates, if you keep your web page up to date, your site will defiantly achieve better rankings in the Google. You must include suitable word and phrases that user likely to be found if it happens means number of visitors to your site.

Advertising the Website:-

It also worth for Advertising and Branding the website on Social Media Websites but you has to pay for that. An example of a third-party company is Search engines, through its AdSense program. Whether or not you use Search engines AdS ense, third-party marketing vendors have the capability to track visitors depending on their IP address.

Social Media Profile:-


It seems quite often an expert says on the subject of effective SEO, or on the contrary why a site might have SEO problems, the concept always seems to involve the importance of Social Media Profile. Social Media Profile provides you the platform where you can share Blogs, Events, Video and much activity. It lays more likes consequences increase the number of visitors.