502 Gateway Errors – Affect Site Ranking?

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502 gateway error

Quite often you would have been seen “502 Gateway Error” while you are accessing a particular website over the Internet.


1. 502 Server Error: The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

2. HTTP 502.

3. HTTP Error 502 - Bad Gateway.

This is all about belongs to Network Error between the servers over the Internet. Sometimes it appears on your site just because High load on server that can affect other accounts on that particular system. Even it can be cause of receiving a large number of traffic from Crawlers, in such case you can block the crawler using “robots.txt file” this can be able to reduce the traffic rates form your site. This is my personal experience; hence the site Ranking went down then before, so doesn’t use such tactics to reduce the traffic from your website. This can lie adverse effect on your site Ranking. Because Search Robot will not be able to consider your site.

How to fix the (502 Bad Gateway Error)

1. Keep loading URL using pressing F5 or by refreshing.

2. Keep clearing your browser’s cache.

3. Deleting your browser Cookies.

4. Start new browser connection.

5. Keep trying to access to your website in different browser, i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc.

6. You can configure NLB (Network Load Balancing) to remove the Network Error or even to reduce the load from Server.

7. You can contact your Internet Service Provider, if you’re Computer, Network, and Browser working properly.

8. Restart your Network Equipment's like, Modems, Switches, and Routers which can be helpful to remove such Errors.

But don’t use the Tactic like “robots.txt file” this can harm your site ranking in SERPs.