How to Manage Redirects and 404’s?

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How do you manage the issue of having redirects and 404 on your site?

Either needs to redirect the 404 pages to their most recent version? Or leaving them can have adverse effect on the site ranking?

It predicates how large the website is. Large websites will always have some 404 mistakes. It doesn't make a sense to pursuit after every single 404 especially when it is due to a strange one-time misprint or one-time crawling mistake.

You should be very careful that your redirects do not become out of your reach. Having an extremely large number of redirects can cause problems.

Secure your redirects:

If you have

firstURL >> secondURL

and then later correct again to

secondURL >> thirdURL

go back and modify the previously redirects

firstURL >> thirdURL

Search engines prefer only to redirect to the most relevant pages. Not from the pages to the homepage, saying that it will result in a better way 404 mistakes. If the page that returns 404 and have a large number of links directing to it and doesn't have a relevant web page that you can divert it to?