WMT Links to Your Website and Ranking -Dropped Drastically?

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seo consultant pooja
Sometime; a website having very good Ranking in SERPs and huge Traffic, lost WMT Links as well ranking horribly. Even Traffic is the same but Ranking went down and now PR is “0”, although you wonder how is it happened?
Actually; there can be Canonical Issue, (“WWW” or: “non-WWW”) this can lay such adverse effect on your site. Make sure there is not such report towards the WMT, and whether “301 Redirects” placed between (WWW and non-WWW) properly.
Such problems arise the problems of duplicate content on your website pages even these pages are different in Technical Terms. Therefore make sure your to update your URLs version if either WWW version or having non-WW version. If you able to analyze your site ranking are better with non-WWW than WWW then you need to place your report to WMT as non-WWW or simultaneously.
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