Using Keyword Rich Words/Phrases As Comment Name Can Be Spam: Matt Cutts

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As usual when you manage content site by making comments, there’s you need to consider, quite often people comments with their company name or rich keyword anchor text. Google’s Matt Cutts doesn’t like this kind of activity anyhow. As he said, it’s enough while making name hyperlinks that are associated with your site. Otherwise using rich keyword to create hyperlinks it could be reason for spam.

In Matt Cutts word, the people who does this kind of mistake they are either spamming or don’t know about SEO, because these links don’t listed anyway. These comments can put your site rank down in SERPs.

Webmaster just leaves two types of comments:

1. Using keyword rich anchor text or your company name, as opposed to your real personal name when commenting.

2. Using commenting as your primary link building strategy.

Rich Keyword Name Comments Can be Spam: Matt Cutts

In terms of SEO, while you are creating backlink for your site it would be better, to manage your comment naturally with your name to avoid spamming, that indirectly refer to your site rather than using name associated with keyword of your company or organization. Google always consider the natural backlinks.