How To Avoid With Google Penalty?

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Are you worried, why your site rankings drastically got down over the night or disappeared from Google SERPs. Quite often we put a lot of efforts for optimizing the websites, to compete the Industry over the Internet. While we do such activity, forget the parameters or guidelines of Google, means sometime we try to manipulate these Guidelines lie under Google Algorithms and Webmaster’s rules that can have adverse effect on site rankings, its causes over optimization consequences suddenly site lost their rankings from SERPs.

How to Avoid Google Penalty?

Following Factors can help you to avoid Google Penalty:

1. Re – Arrange the site structure.

Basic Structure of a Web page:

The Doctype:
Doctype of a Webpage refer HTML, XML. XHTML, the Google’s spider love the Web page having HTML codes.

HTML codes sample:




2. Avoid snippets content.

According to Matt Cutts:

Google just dislike the content posted, written through snippets, this kind of activities lie under spam your site, so before posting Articles or Blog make sure your content isn’t going for spam.

3. Consider about Audience.

Always keep your content informative to the visitors that simply understand what they are looking for, on the site.

4. Spotting low-quality backlinks.

Avoid low/bad quality backlink, there are a number of low quality backlink, i.e. the sites are having no follow link.

5. On-Page Optimization.

In the section On-page optimization, you know what exactly to do, but I would like to include don’t prompt excessive On-page optimization.

6. Avoid rich keyword in anchor text.

Matt Cutts says, people use, rich anchor text while manage the sites for backlinking to other sites, just use your simple comments with name don’t put there too much keyword as anchor text, Google knows your name referring to your site.

7. Social Sharing (Social Media Profile).

Social sharing refer, social media profile like (Facebook,, etc.) that always help you to share your blogs, articles and contents videos , helps in such a way to create backlink also and visible to your site.

8. Comments Posts.

While you are commenting to the other site just make sure, that is relevant to your Business.

9. Follow Google’s algorithm’s Guidelines.

As you know, Google rank is unstable so you need to very careful regarding its algorithm. As Google keep updating its Algorithm, like Penguin Update, Panda Update, Hummingbird Update and Webmaster tools, whenever Google make changes your site got penalized, recently in the month of September a number of got down their rank in SERPs drastically over the night, so you always prefer the way to optimize to you’re the parameters and the guidelines set by the Google, and keep optimizing your site and keep reviewing the upcoming updates from Google.

10. Remove  Canonical Issue.

Remove the Canonical Issue if having your site, this refer to understanding the duplicate content even your site are having different pages because of Canonicalization, (url having www. or without www) technically these are different pages even your site can be suffered.