What to expect from Google - After submitting Bad links to Google Webmaster Tool via Link Disavow?

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My site had terrible links, from over 10 years. Back then our Webmaster thought in purchasing of links, because it worked, and more than 100,000 links are still considering by Google that dashed us on new algorithmic updates. Hence my site lost #rank 5 to # 120.I watched through the disavow process for all of those bad. Most of the links were on sites that are now malware, or obsolete. I think bad disavowing links consequences suffer rankings in SERPs.

Matt Cutts says “even if your site hasn’t been penalized, you can use Link Disavow Tool.”

When Google launched the disavow tool, there was lots of discussion. "If you are at all worried about someone trying to do negative SEO.

According to Matt Cuts,

”you need not to worry about disavowing bad links even if you don't have specific updates in your webmaster tools."

“If you have done an active review on your backlinks and you see something unique going there you need not to wait there move ahead”

Consider the below factors?

1. Remove the Bad as many links as possible.

2. Consider the ranking variation after being re-crawled the site.

3. Take a review drop in rankings after the links removed.

4. Even site ranking recover or not remove the disavow links.

We uploaded our more than thousands of disavow links. Manual penalty deny one week later. Even previous week, all of those backlinks still appeared in search. When I go for review in GWT, ALL of the links still appear. No any changes there. So, if you ultimately see beneficial ranking changes, it could take many months. We've even had to wait for Penguin refresh since my disavow list was first submitted.

Though; you can well conclude that Bad links can have always adverse effect for your site, because gradually it keep creating spam that’s why as possible as remove the Bad links or not to create Backlinks on those site.