How to fix the common WordPress SEO mistakes?

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WordPress is an excellent tool that provides you a big platform for either publishing a websites or Blog posting. This specific tool used across the Globe by people, basically it uses CMS (content management system) S/W, where you can create a post, your pages and tags using fresh URLs, provide you to linking eternally and generate there valid code.

Although, almost all SEO tactics is placed it within the third-party WordPress concept developers as well as yourself, the website owner too.

But you need to aware some of the theme designer is not having best practices with SEO tactics, so you need to verify the improvements of search ranking.

I would like to share my personal experience regarding such mistakes in terms of SEO; hopefully the following factors can prevent you by doing such mistakes.

1. Catchy title tag and Abundant post Titles.

Everyone knows the title tags are very important and essential for better rank, so always consider of using effective title tags always. Each and every post you should include your website name in Title.

2. Avoid repetition of Relevant Keywords and Phrases.

Repetition of Relevant Keyword and Phrases consequences lie “Keyword stuffing” that isn’t good at all it can lay under spam your site.

3. Avoid No Follow link.

You should ignore no follow links as internal link this might not be appearing this particular page in search. You can use of no follow links for external link that is not directly related with your site. i.e.,,, etc.

4. No Improper Anchor Text for Internal Links.

You can use root keyword of the particular site’s page that you are linking for.

5. Add proper Image in Post.

Whenever you post an image in post, you must include Keyword in Alt attribute.