Writing company name in different ways, can affect site ranking?

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Do you think, writing the company name in different ways can affect site ranking? Now day’s people are using different name for their brand name, on Internet using Widget. For an example there is a company XYZ but on the Internet registered as “XYZ Corporation”, this can affect the site in such a way users might be searching your site, they can mistyped where as the actual name is else.

However the company name appears on webpage doesn’t matter if referring the “XYZ widget” means your brand name that is perfect. This lies a consequences if someone enter in wrong name, this means you need not change the name. Just make sure your profile on Google+ must have correct relevant information and content. Because everyone won’t make such mistake quite often? Moreover you can avoid this factor, by using the same information on different search engine whether on Google+, Yahoo, Bing, for all local business directories. In this way it won’t affect the site ranking. There is considerable too you don’t even try to change Meta tag, unless it can harm the site ranking in SERPs.




In terms of computer, widget is a component of GUI (graphic user interface), that displays the information in a specific way to interact the user to “Operating System” including its application. Widgets include many attributes like ,symbols, pull-down choices, control buttons, selection containers, progress signs, on-off checkmarks, search cafes, windows, toggle control buttons, forms, and many other devices for showing information and for, recognizing, and addressing user actions and also provides the user to customize these things their own way.