Why Article Submission Is A Poor SEO Tactic?

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Do you know, Article submission doesn’t provide you the perfection of strong link building always, for SEO tactic? I don’t say it’s worthless always, but it depends how you do? I have my own experience, there are some reason for that this is poor tactic for link building, and why you should publish you best article on your own site and not to against article site.

There are some factors you should care?

1. When you are submitting an Article to an article site and publish on social media sites, actually this link goes to article site not to your site.

2. The visitors who get your article that doesn’t mean to get your site they can go for the article site.

3. Automatically the traffic goes to the article site; the users can go for the site that you submitted not to click on your site.

4. Let know, your article is good enough and readers able to see your website, but not guaranty to have a visit on your site.

5. Moreover most of the article sites are not trusted by the Search Engine, so can have link back to your site.

So, keep doing such things take a lot of time but is light worthy, in a general terms these article sites create a little traffic for your site.

Although if you publish the Article directly to the Social Media sites and Press Release site is a better SEO Tactic then submitting the Article on article sites.

The proper way to submit your Article.

1. Always submit the informative articles to your own site in Blogs or Articles category.

2. Don’t submit the same article several sites a single submission can provide you rank better for your site. Don’t ever publish twice an article.

3. Always concerned that, it should look your own content and add a keyword for link.

4. Avoid the regular site, unless your get wasted of your time and having no result end of the day.

5. Select always the best article directory, and don’t put there more than two articles, moreover ignore these site in further, for the same category.

Writing an article is not a simple task, even you write your own even if it worthless, then why do the same mistake again so just keep publishing on your own site it is the best way to publishing your time and to have better position in search engine.