Matt Cutts: Google don’t Like Content Stitching?

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According to new Google’s Matt Cutts update, Google spider don’t like “stitching content” it’s a matter to think, and not acceptable anyhow, otherwise can be adverse effect on site position in SERPs. Stitching Content refer in sort of “snippets”, now days large number of Internet user/site owner writing articles, blogs over the web using the same text through snippets(stands for a program, that is use to rewrite the same source page text), while you are writing an article or blog by explaining and summarizing a specific subject.

Both are quite different things, first describing a topic in detail in your way, on the contrary copying and pasting a text from a source page it’s not good at any cost. Because sometime “snippets” change the sense of meaning of the text for search engine and Google count this type of written content or summary as duplicate or spam that can be Doom for the particular site.

Matt Cutts says “Wikipedia as a good example”

I really appreciate this quote of Matt Cutts, if you are targeting specific matter, must be explained in such a way that people must like and share among their friends or collogue. Google spider like original content, so while you are optimizing your site by posting an Article or Blog don’t make such mistake of simply copying and pasting the text, while you are adding your site’s URLs over the Internet. It also help to lie a number of visitors on your site, just because your site is quite informative which they like to have in search. That implies better site ranking in SERPs.