Facebook Added Trending Topics Features.

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Facebook has published a new element similar like Twitter has offered for quite some time. Now you can see a trending box would appear on the top right side of your Facebook news stream page. These trending topics will focus on the links of the popular stories on Facebook. At the same time when you will be able to see what actually the other people talking regards on those stories.

This new trending is designed basically get the relevant information for what people talking about interesting matters that are going around the world, along with to keep updated the Facebook users informed towards the news and other trending featured content too. It will provide to make it customized for each user so in order to viewing the certain things you are interested over the Facebook now.

Twitter has long ago got the gain of this Trending topics idea, therefore isn’t a shocking news for having such trending features on the Facebook Marketing its quite similar. Twitter is certainly long ago for the same activities in terms of breaking news, perhaps you might have observed that it makes appear the news quite often before you will able to see this news on CNN, Google news or even on the other similar press feed. But I wonder how Facebook going to make it possibly better than as long ago the people searches the breaking news and information on a specific place.

This new trending features are available just in few countries like U.S., Canada, UK, India and Australia, and likely to be launched in other countries within short.