Google Search Results Adding Additional Details about Notable Websites?

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Google has recently updated an improvisation that would be providing searchers consideration slightly a bit of additional relevant data the source of a link within search results before they actually click through. This new feature likely to be helpful to the searchers to determine if a Website contains data or faithfully they're actually aspiring for before clicking through to the page.

Google made the changes for sites that they widely known as being a significant resource, on the other hand if there's enough information for the user or once they feel the content would be “catchy” for the individual searcher.
This likely to be difficult one task to know in what average sites are displaying this additional information, on the contrary most of the user shows a naturally high percentage of the website with this information being displayed. Google is looking forward to getting the additional information to expand this program along with the data Graph.
This modification is done basically for assumption to bring the observation and reactions from the SEO community, considering web site.