Google Webmaster Tools Updates - Crawling Errors Reports.

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Google announced that it will implementing new crawl error reports in Webmaster Tools to help webmasters identify crawl errors that field is being displayed for redirected URLs.
There has been sufficient confusion from webmasters over what specifically the crawl errors meant for redirected URLs and the process they were being displayed internally Webmaster Tools. The confusion ensue as a result of once a webmaster was redirected from web site X to web site Y, if there was a drag on Website Y’s site with allusion to the direct, it will display a crawl error that it actually belonged from Website X, once what it acutely meant was that there was a misconception redirecting from web site X to web site Y.
Because direct crawl errors weren't awfully crispy, webmasters were concerned to work out what actual error was, and wherever internally the direct it actually was occurring. Particularly for those Webmasters, Was it a drag with the top direct page? Both?
This modification can make very easy for webmasters to identify the crawl errors, why actually happening.
Google further stresses that having crawl errors, like a 404, actually these are not a real error as a result of the page exists, it'll not negatively impact the remainder of the site’s rankings within the Google search results.