Matt Cutts Google doesn’t have Special Treatment for Twitter or Facebook to Rank Pages.

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Matt Cutts, the Google’s head of search spam said today answering in order to the question, “Are Facebook and Twitter signals part of the ranking algorithm?” He makes it clear and answering no. He also added that Google doesn’t provide any specific care to Facebook or Twitter pages. According to him both are treated as same as other page in Google’s eyes.

Matt then answered if Google does special crawling or indexing for these sites, such as indexing the number of likes or tweets a specific page has. Matt said Google does not do that right now. Why?

Matt also said, if you think Google has specific crawling or indexing process for those sites having a number of like on their pages or tweets, while this is not correct, Google has not such specific process for this, right now. Why?

They are indicating that they were blocked. I guess Matt was indicating towards Google’s real time search deal expiring with Twitter. He also elaborated that they spent a lot of time there they were blocked and their efforts stand no longer beneficial for them.

Another fact is that, Google seems to be worried regards crawling parameters at some part and while that particular content changes but Google doesn’t consider update further more. Because outdated information can lay adverse effect for some users.