Matt Cutts - Article Directories Are Poor Tactics for Link Building.

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If you got a believe on recent updates form Matt Cutts, he directly stated Don't Use Article Directories for Link Building. If you are involved in SEO Industry then it’s hard to make you believe but that’s the fact. You might be wondering, why Google disavow its preferences to a higher level, listing specifically which techniques are not effective, like; Bookmarking, Directories, Forum profiles, Blog comments, Avatar signature and fake social media profile etc.

Below is the short video published on 31st January 2014.

On the other hand Matt Cutts and Google officials likely seemed by saying in regards to the tactics of blog posts, online forum, and related to other activities that have low quality of communication medium like Article and Directories are not the best way to adopt so far.
Article submission is a poor tactics for link building method. Moreover the articles you submit simultaneously get republished on many other sites.
Now you need to consider the basic facts:
1. Stop creating the spamming over the Web with the duplicate content because at the same time you help others to republish the same content moreover from the same source of Article submission sites
2. By this way your site got submitted 99% with duplicate content at the same Article submission sites which has been republished or submitted through many users.
3. This kind of duplicate articles create exactly the same links pages on your site with the similar link texts.