Google’s First Official Plug-in for WordPress Lets You Verify Your Site and Manage AdSense.

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There are so many bloggers who use WordPress not essentially in terms of how to design a particular page for Webmaster Tools validations, along with how to edit template directories to involve AdSense code, and how to modify few things that would be preferable to webmasters for granted.

To gain the benefits of WordPress Webmasters with two Google services AdSense and Webmaster Tools, Google published a new precise WordPress plug-in.

In terms of Google AdSense, the plug-in is developed to be its very simple for Webmasters to include the AdSense code into its WordPress blogs, without having a template improvisations skill; it’s like quite requirements of HTML or CSS skills, depending upon the template.

Your AdSense ID towards the Google Publisher Plug-in, you can choose your ad placing. You will have the appearance to the given alternatives where you likely to prefer the display of AdSense on your blog. It’s similar like to click on the applicable field where you prefer your AdSense ads to be display, and the plug-in will do the rest. Few others third-party AdSense plug-in launched quite ago, but mostly they were based on Widgeted fields there an ads appear, and Widgeted fields quite often appears in particular areas of the page that are not having more click-through its rate for ads.

On the other hand Google's plug-in; provides you the alternatives to select specific optimization reviews in regard to your AdSense ads, and hence it helps you to improve your AdSense ads worth for publishers. There consist so many options for an official Google plug-in. It’s likely to be good enough if Google can display for any website related issues are warnings there in the WordPress dashboard after logs in webmaster.

This is the first Google's WordPress plug-in. Webmasters certainly consider this plug-in and look after for any modifications further. If this plug-in able to proof to its popularity, it wouldn't be surprising to see Google to add more publisher regarding to the elements, or to view YouTube, Google Analytics, or Google+ features added in the upcoming days.