Google Made Couple of Changes in A Day – Matt Cutts.

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Google Keep Changes Twice in A Day - Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts said behalf on being the periodically changes in Google Search that you may have not been considered previously. Specifically he added that Google made 665 changes over there in Search Engine in terms of UI (User Interface) in 2012. So it indicates that there is likely to be two changes in a day. At the same time Matt Cutts agree with this and he admitted every day gone be couple changes – therefore something always up there in Google Search.

The other considerable thing he included was that he likely to concern with the portal appearance of Spam website removed from Google within in the real time. Therefore; you will be able to watch Spam when likely to be removed. Now Search Engine will allow you to Search your sites on Google manually penalized with better appearance and understanding for the users regarding to the sites that they are removing.