Drop your Site Ranking - After Changing Domain Names?

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Are you concerned with the penalty in terms of changing the domain’s name? I have had a well structured and old site with top ranking in Google search result page, along with more than thousands of visitors on daily basis and hence consequently god enough traffic too. But in contrast of Google made penalties for sites and I have changed my domain names in September 2013 form a keyword-domain to get more competitive name. I observed in GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) there was no such relevant information in comparison to the changes made over there because there were no any changes in structure and its design too; GWT was displaying the most of old backlinks still appears there even new domain overtook the ranking to the old domain but later two weeks the ranking dropped and more than after three months the visitors were merely 300 average on daily basis. I wonder; how did it happen.

But later, I analyze and got a conclusion it might be for the various factors like “removing the old keyword from the domain”. And might be the cause of shifting the inbound link anchor text in regards to the previous domain being manipulative. In such circumstances you also need to consider about 301 redirects in order to anchor text link upon the natural visibility of the domain. It can also be in regarding to that changing the name of the domain can have changed the titles and content on your site that you need to add to your site in order to new keyword content back there on your page. It may also by the Google reexamine your new domain names. If you concerned of the above mentioned facts; sure you can prevent your site from being for such incidents.