How to Exclude a Domain from a Google Search?

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Sometime you might be think that; if you want to exclude a particular Domain from Google Search Result, if that particular Domain is predictably is being not helpful for you hopefully, there you need to consider that to must be excluded in such a way that not reduce your unless useful results. On the contrary Google keep eyes thoroughly your documents it has the ability to search the particular Domains or extenuations, but hoe to make it possible them is usually don’t appear there . However there are some parameters that possibly help you to reconstruct the former Domain Search into a limited criterion to prevent that specific Domain from being appearing in search results.

How to exclude a Domain?

Step 1: search for a keyword as you do in Google search.

Step 2: Use "site:[domain]" to make its limitations in order to search to only that domain. Make sure there to add a space between the keywords and the site category. Like to search for Windows 8 on the Linux site, use "Windows 8 site: ".

Step 3: Add a dash immediately there before the site category make change it to an exclusionary value. In the example, "Windows 8 -site: " searches all sites except the domain for Windows 8.

Step 4: Click the "Search" magnifying glass icon or press "Enter" to conduct the search.