Is SEO more effective than a linking Tactics?

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When you think is SEO more effective than a linking tactics, although you think the first question; How SEO is different from linking?

However if you compare both them, you will observe that SEO is a more effective process rather than wasting your time in a linking tactics. In both cases you can’t escape from creating links for a particular website to rank well in SERPs. On the other hand Google disavow the unnatural links from a website. While SEO now becomes more preference in order to creating natural links through high quality content in other words you can say through content marketing trends, it refers for both quality and time as well. At the same time you need to consider that the links that is being created there, that must be relevant content in terms of the visitors that they are looking for on your site.

How SEO and linking are different?

If you think in your mind to getting Traffic from SEO techniques and through linking techniques, that doesn’t make a sense. When SEO techniques prefer to gain the traffic through the Keyword optimization and as well as On-page optimization that is likely to be improve in the basic structure of a Website, on the contrary linking merely prefer to create backlinks on the others websites over the Web.