Google PLA Clicks 40 Percent to Come From Smartphones by Dec 2014?

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This is clear now that, Retailers reached at record investments in Google product listing ads (PLAs) as the report Covario, RKG and Ignition One highlighted the particular information. Today, Marin S/W published on its own searches which focus on the basic harmony upon the PLA achievements in previous holiday season would set the benchmark for 2014. Marin also considering the facts of Smartphones playing a vital role in PLA forecast in 2014.


If you consider towards the mobile users they employ Google Shopping as the best alternative for their purposes, we can hope these holiday CTR trends to be continue in 2014, Marin’s projects The State of Google Shopping report. PPC budgets to PLAs 40 % of all PLA clicks will come from Smartphones.

In quarter of 2013, regarding to text ad CPCs increased just 3.9 % every year, whereas CPCs for product listing ads reached out 44.3 % for the same. And an average of cost-per-click upon PLAs is growing too faster than it is for text ads.

On the other hand Click-through rates on those PLA ads also reached out 20.5 % every year. In contrast of CTR on text ads knock up just 4.6 %. During November and December, click-through rate approaches for PLAs were driven by Smartphones.